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Business Casual For Men

Hence, dress codes vary from one business to another. There are a number of businesses that are stricter than others as far as attires... Read more..

Business Casual For Women

It is important to note that even in business casual attire, an employee must still have that neat and professional look. For females, a polished look can be achieved by simply taking into consideration simple steps and basic ideas regarding business casual for women. There are several ways on how you can personalize your casual dresses based on your... Continue reading..

Business Dress

It is made for protection because it protects the worker from any form of exploitation since it really requires a look which is professional. Dressing up properly can not only attract customers, investors and the like it can also create high self-esteem on the part of the person wearing proper attire. Confidence can really help in business since it is the determinant whether one believes in his or her own product or not which creates an... Source of information..

College Hoodies

These hoodies are great specially if you just want to lounge around the dormitory or you want to go out and grab a snack with your friends. Some people also use hoodies when jogging since the thickness of the garment make them sweat even more. These hoodies are also great in representing your school in special events like sports. Most schools sell these garments to their students in their university or college colors and with their school... More on this page..

Crochet Bikini

Crochet pieces are also featured in various fashion magazines all over the world. A crochet bikini is an example of a crochet trend that has been gaining popularity. People would not normally associate crochet with swimwear. The reason for that is because crochet... Find out more...

Custom Fabric

In addition, digital printing is more efficient for small printing jobs since small design details are quite harder to achieve perfectly with the conventional or manual process. A widebed printer is used in digital printing of a custom fabric. A certain type... More on this site..

Cute Clothing

It can be cute as in petite or cute as in trendy. It can also be cute as in dainty or simply cute as with its attractive designs. Some might associate it with embellishments found in clothes. Talking about cute clothing in the sense of its size is often linked with being petite. If the cloth is too small and fits just right to the body,... Click here to continue..

Design Magazines

The beauty of new designs today is that most of them are practical. Beauty is only one aspect of its creation and function is another. In order for people to keep informed... Continue reading..

Disco Clothes

Nothing completes a retro disco party than disco clothes and costumes. There are lots of ideas to choose from when it comes to 70’s disco costumes. Looking for the perfect one can be fun and exciting too. If you are planning to attend a retro costume party, having the right... More on this site..

Dress Styles

Dress styles abound in the market, thus making the correct choice could be a dilemma for some. There are some factors which you need to consider in choosing the most appropriate dress to buy or wear. From these factors you shall come up with the best... Source..

Dress Websites

For instance, a website for dresses must be guaranteed informative and helpful for visitors in deciding what clothing products to buy. What are the important things that must be taken into consideration in creating dress websites? The first element of... Source of information..

Easter Dress

Kids always wanted to dress up and this is the perfect time to do that. The usual Easter dress that a girl would want is something with a fluffy skirt. Girls love the princess- look with the big skirt and the... Read more..

Geek Shirts

For example, a shirt printed with Star Wars characters is a great choice for wearers who once got hooked on the said series. Other shirts for geeks do not only contain hilarious figures but also funny statements. Imagine how great it would be, getting people around you hooked on the design of your... More on this page..

Greek Letter Shirts

You can have access to his job if you are looking for one by approaching him. This does not guarantee that you can get the slot but at least you can use your friendship with him as an advantage to your opponents who also want to bag that job slot. You see, college... Click here to continue..

Pinup Dresses

There are also old trends which have been revived to suit the modern generation’s needs and wants. In the decades of 1980, punk tradition was... More on this site..

Skirt Patterns

For easy mobility it usually comes with a small slit cutting at the hem at the center back portion of skirt or could be at the sides or a choice of kick pleats near the hem of the back portion for easy movement. Full flare skirt pattern – among the skirt patterns, this one consumes a lot of cloth with the fullness... Find out more...

Bridal Undergarments

One of the most memorable and enjoyable nights in her life is their honeymoon. In this most- awaited night, a bride sees to it that she would wear the best bridal undergarments. She makes sure that she would be the loveliest and most gorgeous woman in the... Source of information..

Club Dress

They wear their best makeup and take their beautiful dresses out of their closets. If you are one of these very sociable women, this article is intended for you. Are you hesitant to wear the club dress you want because you do not know if it looks right? Here are a few ideas you can ponder. There is a wide variety of club dresses you can choose from. Mini dresses are common among women... Click here to read more..

Cute Rompers

Nowadays, it is not only adults who wear fashionable and stylish clothes but cute babies as well. There are a large number of clothing... To read more click here...

Juniors Clothes

As of jeans, there is a variety of it including bell bottom, slim fit , low waist, loose fit, tight fit, relaxed cut jeans and others. Jeans for juniors are available in different fits, sizes and styles. It is undeniable that many juniors find formal shirts, polo and pants “boring”. This is the reason why many manufacturers have jumped to designing and selling shirts that are distinct from... More on this page..

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Greetings! I am Jane and welcome to my site. I did this page as a task with Morningside Authors, --an English as a 2nd Language and Web Design course. If you'd like to work with me, simply use the contact form available on this page. Below is my Resume, with some examples of sites and articles or reviews I made earlier.

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Slugfuckers - Transformational Salt

One and only long player from Sydney purveyors of fucked up post-punk. I like the 7"s more, this still rules though. They're getting name dropped by people all over the place now. Check it out.

1. Wall
2. Mr. Insanity
3. Tricked You!
4. Poem
5. Obligato Necroplasm
6. Skizo Disko
7. Corkscream
8. Dolphins (Are Not) Fish
9. Tell Me Who You Are
10. Movie
11. Artificial Slits
12. Germange